Mission: South Fulton Parents for Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting South Fulton School Communities through literacy, STEAM and mental health.

Vision: South Fulton Parents for Education is an organization that empowers parents, advocates for all students, collaborate with schools, and other stakeholders in the educational communities.

History: Initially, SFPE was formed to give the parents of Fulton County Schools a voice in how our schools and students are supported. We are not only parents, community members, teachers, and principals, but we’re advocates for making sure our kids are at the forefront of everything we do.

Started in 2016 after the influx of youth crime in South Fulton,  our group remains dedicated to helping students, schools and our community through a focus on literacy and STEAM. Therefore starting in the spring of 2019, South Fulton Parents for Education has become a non-profit with a focus on implementing free supplemental programs to engage, support and encourage our public school students to excel academically, finish high school on time and have a plan for post-secondary life

While our mission and vision are large, we believe that working in partnership with schools and families is the only way to connect home and school!